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MONOVAR® : the energy dissipating valve

Energy Dissipating Valve

• Extremely simple design (patented)
• Excellent cavitation characteristics
• Very accurate flow or pressure control
• Manual or automatic control
• Suitable for flow measurement
• Small sizes are available
• Minimum flow disturbance
• The flow is divided equally over a larger
   number of jets. This ensures an accurate
   and stable performance
• These unique features, together with the
   wide range of construction materials make
   MONOVAR® valves an automatic choice in
   all severe industrial and water-supply
   situations requiring fluid flow control or of
   some associated characteristic, e.g.
   pressure, temperature and level
• The design suppresses vibration, cavitation,
   pressure fluctuations and excess noise
• Suitable for high velocity applications
• Suitable for high pressure drop applications

         Application of MONOVAR®:

- Water supply systems (reliability, pressure,
- Industrial flow, cooling and mixing systems

  (cavitation, sensitivity, pressure, reliability),
- Head works of water treatment plant
  (reduced civil works, cavitation, reliability),
- Laboratory test-rigs (sensitivity, absence of
- Turbine bypass (dams),
- End of line, free discharge,
- Replace variable speed pumps with
  constant flow or constant pressure pumps
  in combination with MONOVAR®,
- Seawater applications on request.

Technical features

Size range : DN100 - DN2000
(4” - 80”)
Pressure range : 50 bar (725 psi)
Temperature range : -50° to +200°C
(-60°F to +390°F)
Flange accommodation : EN 1092-1
ANSI B16.5 class 150
MSS SP 44 class 150
Others on request

CLASAR : the high dynamic response check valve.


• Closing time (dynamic response) is a

   fraction of a second
• Avoids pressure surges in the pipeline or
   minimizes them
• Suitable for high pressure applications
   (PN50 - 725 psi)
• No risk of axial disc jamming as the
  CLASAR® does not have an axial shaft
• Short face to face, enabling easy
• Perfect disc sealing
• Excellent erosion resistance of the axial
• Corrosion free axial disc material
• No maintenance required
• Suitable for a wide range of applications
   due to the available materials


• In case of sudden pump emergency stops,
  CLASAR® check valve reduces pressure
  surges in the pipe line
• Silent and non-slam check valve
• Easy installation
• Suitable for vertical, horizontal and  

  diagonal mounting
• Quick flow recovery Applications
• Water pumping stations:
- potable water
- irrigation
- water process
- seawater
• Chemical industries
• HVAC application

                   Technical data

• Size range: DN80 - DN1800 (3” - 72”)
• Maximum working pressure:
- DN80 - DN500: 50 bar (725 psi) at ambient

- DN600 - DN800: 25 bar (362 psi) at

  ambient temperature
- DN900 - DN1000: 20 bar (290 psi) at

  ambient temperature
- DN1200 - DN1800: 16 bar (232 psi) at

  ambient temperature
• Temperature range: -10°C to +130°C

   (+50°F to +266°F)
• Flange accommodation:
   - EN 1092-1
   - ISO 2084
   - EN 1759
   - ANSI B16.5
   - ANSI B16-47 A
   - MSS SP44
   - AWWAC207
     Others on request

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