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Green Instruments
G16 Smoke Density Monitor

The G16 Smoke Density Monitor is  newly developed Opacity Monitor. The Smoke Density Monitor uses green laser technology and can be configured up to 8 detectors per monitor. The G16 Smoke Density Monitor has received ABS Type Approval.

The G16 Smoke Density Monitor is an advanced smoke and dust monitoring system designed to the highest standard for use on a range of industrial applications. Using state of the art module design and solid green laser technology, the its double-pass measurement method provides an Opacity Monitor that is easy to install, rugged and reliable.

G26 Ambient Oil Mist Detector

​The G26 Ambient Oil Mist Detector is our newly developed double-pass opacity monitor. The system uses the latest green laser technology, and can be configured up to 8 detectors per monitor.

The G26 Ambient Oil Mist Detector is used to detect oil mist in open spaces such as pump rooms, engine rooms, and other facilities.

The G26 has the several decisive advantages compared to the single point extractive sampling system. Each detector can cover a much larger area. The scanning distance of a detector is from   1 to 15 meters.

Oxygen Analyzer

G36p Oxygen Analyzer

The G36 Oxygen Analyzer is suitable for modular system integration with an extra robust enclosure of IP67. The G36 Oxygen Analyzer has received certification under the European Marine Equipment Directive's new heading A1/3.54 for fixed oxygen analyzers and product type approvals from both Lloyds Register and DNV. The working ambient temperature ranges from -15oC to +55oC.

G36p Oxygen Analyzer

The G36p is Green Instruments' first panel mounted analyzer. When the analyzer is panel mounted the enclosure is IP55 and the working ambient temperature is extended to 70oC.


Both analyzers can be delivered as spare parts or as part of a complete system as for example the G3600/G3601 Inert Gas Oxygen Analyzing System, the G361x Oxygen Analyzing System for Nitrogen Generators, & the G362x Stack Gas Oxygen Analyzing System

NOx Analyzer

NOx analyzer - the G41xx NOx/O2 Analyzing System - is a direct in situ gas analyzer that monitors NOx and O2 concentrations in emission gas.

The NOx analyzer provides a cost-effective solution to help fulfill tightening emission regulations as well as supporting the most effective operation for all types of combustion processes. It is designed to meet the challenging requirements for monitoring the inlet and outlets of selective catalytic reduction systems (SCR) on all types of combustion sources

The G41xx NOx analyzer uses a zirconium oxide (ZrO2) sensor with multiple diffusion cells. The sensor is small and robust and can be installed directly on the stack without special protection.

Boiler Protection

G5100 Exhaust Gas Economizer Monitor

Exhaust gas fired boilers (exhaust gas economizers, exhaust gas boilers) are served with G5100 Exhaust Gas Economizer Monitor.
The G5100 Exhaust Gas Economizer Monitor provides a comprehensive tool for maintaining the efficiency of exhaust gas economizers. The system dynamically controls the crucial parameters in relation to engine load and provides a very accurate diagnosis of the EGE monitors efficiency and problems under build-up. It also monitors the water circulation of the boiler water and measures the temperatures and pressure drop of the economizer.


G5500 Oil Fired Boiler Monitor

Oil Fired Boilers (oil fired boilers, dual fuel boilers, combi boilers) are controlled with the G5500 Oil Fired Boiler Monitor.
The G5500 Oil Fired Boiler Monitor is developed on the basis of micro controller technology and Green's patented stress monitoring concept.
The G5500 OFBM provides a direct working method to monitor and protect boilers against damaging impact. By monitoring the thermal conditions, the G5500 OFBM is a true aid for making your boiler plant more reliable and thereby eliminating boiler failure.

Multi Gas Monitoring

G7000 Multi Gas Monitoring

G7000 Multi Gas Monitoring System will enable you to comply with international environmental regulations


Well Proven technology

The G7000 can monitor the SO2 and CO2 concentrations in exhaust gas. It provides you with an accurate measurement of SO2 in ppm, CO2 in percent, as well as presents the SO2/CO2 ratio.

The gas analyzer is based on a non-dispersive infrared measurement technology, which has been well proven in many industrial applications.

The unique double sample conditioning unit extracts moisture from the sample and ensures a fast response time. This unique feature allows to sample from up to 5 different sample points per system.

Water Monitoring

G6100 Water Monitoring System

The G6100 Wash Water Monitoring System provides reliable and highly accurate measurements for your exhaust gas cleaning system (EGCS). Its design ensures fast response time within a broad system pressure range.

It is compact in size and easy to commission, thus offering a true plug’n’measure installation.

Flexible and Modular Design

The Water Monitoring System can be configured with an optional sampling unit (either a pump cabinet or a pressure reduction cabinet) depending on the location of the Water Monitoring System. The sampling unit includes a de-bubbler, which avoids interference due to the sample degassing.

A water monitoring solution normally includes the monitoring systems at both the inlet and outlet of the scrubber. There are also optional system setups which include the standard parameters and other required parameters such as water density upon specific monitoring requirements.

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