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Ambient Oil Mist Detector

The G2000 Ambient Oil Mist Detector is a line-of-sight opacity meter that is used to detect oil mist, smoke and dust in open spaces such as pump rooms, engine rooms and other facilities. The G2000 displays the opacity of the air in percent and the alarms are activated if the opacity exceeds the preset limits.

The line-of-sight measurement principle has the decisive advantage of covering a larger area than single-point extractive-sampling systems. With the latter measurement principle you also run the risk of having placed a sensor in an area where oil mist does not build up because of the air flow within the engine room. The line-of-sight measurement principle solves this problem elegantly with a measurement range of up to 9 m. It also functions as a smoke alarm.

The primary purpose of the system is to detect oil mist because of the fire hazard. As the International Marine Organization (IMO) points out, most engine room fires are the result of oil mist. The Ship Inspection Report Program (SIRE) of the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) is particularly aware of oil leaks in high pressure transmission pipes in connection with hydraulic pressure packs. Section 11.25 of SIRE advises the installation of an oil mist detector if the hydraulic aggregate pumps are located within the main engine compartment.

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Combustible Dust Monitor

All it takes to ignite a fire or an explosion is the following factors:

  • A sufficient fuel source (dust concentration above the lower explosive limit - LEL)
  • Oxygen
  • Heat or just a spark 

Dust concentrations that are 20% lower that LEL are considered safe.

The system provides alarms when detecting the predetermined dust concentration. Which means that you will be able to react in time in order to avoid the occurrence of the explosion factors. This is especially important when loading and discharging dry bulk cargoes.

Cost Effective System for Port Operators & Stevedores

The dust monitor consists of a monitoring unit and a line-of-sight measuring probe. The system can be fitted into the cargo hull through a ventilation hole or a cargo hatch. The system can be used as a fixed or a portable instrument.

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