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Smoke Density Monitor

System drawing of the G1000 Smoke Density Monitor

The G1000 Smoke Density Monitor is primarily used to monitor smoke emissions from all kinds of combustion and also to monitor the soot contamination of inert gas. This patented technology of Green Instruments transfers the light source from the smoke stack directly to the monitoring cabinet. This provides a prompt and accurate response to smoke and dust density regardless of weather conditions and ambient light.


Opacity Monitor

G1100 PTFE-head

The G1100 Opacity Monitor is almost identical to the G1000 Smoke Density Monitor, but it is designed to monitor acid mist in chemical processes. Compared to the G1000 Smoke Density Monitor it is equipped with special PTFE-heads that are designed to resist acid mist. Furthermore, it has a special isolated and heated cabinet that provides extra protection.


Smoke Emission
Monitoring System

The G1900 Smoke Emission Monitoring System allows to integrate measurements from various stacks. Connect the opacity monitors to the G1900 Smoke Emission Monitoring System and it will collect the readings from monitors in a single system. It stores the readings and creates a log that can be used to generate historical reports.

Smoke Density Monitor
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