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BilCoFlex® is an efficient method of protection of the  systems controlling the plant, capable to minimize danger and damage caused by fire in refineries, petrochemical and offshore installations, power and electric stations, naval factory and defense establishments.

BilcoFlex ® is based on the assembly of several multi-layered "jackets" fastened together. The major advantage of a soft and flexible protection is given  by  the  easy  transport,  handling,  assembly  and disassembly. This allows a quick access to the functionality of devices protected  by  the  special  inspection  bays  and  also  the chance  to  perform  both  ordinary  and  extraordinary maintenance,  disassembling  quickly  and  without  specialized personnel. 

BilcoFlex ®
covers  are  made  with  certified  high  performance  materials  designed  to  work  in  extreme  temperature conditions. The outer covers are suitable from -50 °C up to approx  275  °C, while    the    full     protection  guarantees  it  functions  up  to   1200  °C  for  a period of time, depending on specific requests.

                                     MAIN FEATURES

     •     Lightweight and easy to be carried and installed
     •     Assembly does not need special tools or expertise
     •     No need to shut-down the plant during assembling and
           disassembling(installation and removal)
     •     May fit to any shape
         Unchanged in time even in aggressive areas
     •     Weatherproof, UV rays, cold temperatures, salty atmosphere
           and chemical agent resistant
     •     Fire resistant for up to 2 hours
     •     Withstands hydrocarbon pool fire with temperatures in excess 
            of 1100 deg C
         Heat transmission to inside reduced to a minimum

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BilcoFlex ®    product range is designed for effective fire protection of :

             Electric & Pneumatic Actuators
       •      Check & Regulation Valves
       •      Flanged Couplings
       •      Control & Command Panels
       •      Pipe Penetration Passage
       •      Complementary Materials
       •      Rigid Barriers

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